Intestinal hyperpermeability: how to avoid it

intestinal hyperpermeability

If you have read our article on the intestinal barrier, you will already know that it is essential to take good care of it to avoid intestinal hyperpermeability. Indeed, the wall of our digestive tract plays a role of barrier and has a double function. On the one hand, it is involved in digestion for […]

Discovering the intestinal barrier

intestinal barrier

Did you know that the inside of your digestive tract is in direct contact with the outside environment? This may seem counterintuitive, but it is a fact: it runs through your body lengthwise. This makes it one of our body’s key areas of exchange with the outside. Like the skin, it is an area at […]

What is the role of postbiotics in acute diarrhea? Dr. Mosca’s explanations

postbiotics in acute diarrhea

The 8th International Congress on Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotics in Pediatrics was held in September 2022. In this context we organized a symposium on the role of postbiotics in acute diarrhea. To know more about the subject, find below the video of the symposium during which Dr. Alexis Mosca, gastro-pediatrician at the Robert Débré Hospital […]

What is a postbiotic? ISAPP’s video to find out more

what is a postbiotic

ISAPP (International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics) is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting research into probiotics and prebiotics. It supports research in both these fields and has recently focused its efforts on a new family of biotics: postbiotics. But what is a postbiotic? This term was only defined by ISAPP in 2021, in […]