Supplements and functional foods: 3 things you need to know

Supplements and functional foods are currently on the rise, and the interest in these products that improve overall health is increasing. Immunity, vitality, digestion… They are associated with numerous health benefits. This wide market offers many solutions to satisfy every demand and provide an extra health benefit beyond basic nutrition. In particular, biotics and especially postbiotics are more and more talked about.

Let us explain you 3 things you need to know before jumping in this world of supplements and functional foods.

Supplements and functional foods: who are they?

Type of ingredients used

Many ingredients are used in supplements and functional foods. Among these, you will find classic ingredients such as vitamins and minerals,but also more innovative ingredients such as plants (maca, ginseng…), spices (saffron, cinnamon…), products of the hive (propolis…), etc.

The world of biotics in particular is gaining interest in the fields of digestive health and immunity: product launches based on the benefits of biotics are increasing. After prebiotics and probiotics, it is now the turn of postbiotics to attract attention. 

Similar ingredients but different formats

Supplements and functional foods can be found under many different formats. The most classic ones include tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, powders, and liquids. But today, a “foodification” of the supplements is also underway. It is particularly visible through the development of functional foods. These combine gustatory pleasure and health benefits: foods are fortified with high value-added ingredients, such as postbiotics. In supermarkets, we can now find enriched dairy products, beverages, bakery products, etc.: we have plenty of choice!

Why use supplements and functional foods?

To provide a health boost

Thanks to the active ingredients they contain, these products can ensure specific health benefits. They can thus answer several specific problems by facilitating digestion, reinforcing immunity, protecting your skin…

In the field of prevention, biotics are also gaining interest. Indeed, there is a close connection between a healthy gut and a balanced microbiota, and numerous clinical studies have shown the efficiency of biotics in gastrointestinal disorders. The importance of maintaining a healthy microbiota for a holistic health and overall wellbeing is now well-known. More specifically, postbiotics have been proven to have various health benefits: a positive impact on your microbiota, but also an activation of your immune system or a positive effect on your metabolism for example.

Read this article to know more about the main benefits of postbiotics.

To keep a balanced and complete diet

In the world we live in, a healthy diet contains fewer vitamins and minerals than it used to. Indeed, nutritional benefits are reduced by overproduction, the use of fertilizers and pesticides. It istherefore difficult to have a truly balanced diet, and supplements can help to compensate these nutritional deficiencies. But you must be careful, and never use themin replacementof a healthy diet.

Where to find supplements and functional foods?

Food supplements can now be found everywhere! These widely popularized products are even on the Internet and in supermarkets. Of course, you can also find them in drugstores. You will find every taste in every form, associated with many health benefits.

As you will have understood, supplements and functional foods can be useful to have a balanced diet, but also regarding specific health problems. And good news: they are becoming more and more accessible. Among these, biotics are very trendy and postbiotics in particular have many advantages. Indeed, they are safer than other ingredients and easy to store. And in addition to their proven benefits in the medical field, they could even have nutritional benefits!

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